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Short Sales in Louisville – Sell Your House and Lose Your Debt

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Can you sell your house for less than what you owe and feel good about it? Yes! Think in terms of debt relief.

Do you need to sell but can’t get enough to pay off your mortgage? Millions of responsible Americans, through no fault of their own, now owe more on their house than the house is worth. Market values have been plummeting around us since 2006.

The problem intensifies when the owner has to sell due to financial hardship. Unemployment and job instability is rampant. Life events such as injury, illness or divorce take a bite out of the ability to cover the mortgage payment. Sometimes positive events such as expansion of the family or relocating for a better job simply make the current house no longer part of the plan.

Banks are being slammed with millions of homeowners who have no choice but to stop making their payments. Droves of homeowners are walking away from their home.

Banks are simultaneously reluctant and eager to let the homeowner sell their house for an amount short of what’s owed, hence the term “short sale”. They are reluctant because the lender obviously does not want to lose thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. However, they are eager to approve a short sale because it’s cheaper for the lender to lose a controlled dollar amount now rather than lose an unpredictable higher amount much later after spending time and money foreclosing and dumping the house a bank owned foreclosure.

If you are in this situation, please realize that you are actually doing the lender a favor by voluntarily engaging in the short sale process. You have the power to help the lender reduce their losses. You have more options and more control than you may have imagined.

In a short sale process, you are selling your house, you are not losing it. You are getting rid of oppressive debt while doing the lender of favor. You are taking action and making a bad situation better for yourself, for your family and even for the lender. When friends, family and neighbors ever ask what happened to your house, you can honestly say you sold it. “Sold it”, not “lost it”.

In these challenging times, please allow yourself to visualize yourself at a real estate closing, sitting there and crossing your mortgage off your worry list. You deserve that peace of mind. You can do it.

Dave Halpern, Real Estate Broker

(502) 664-7827

Dave successfully closes dozens of short sales each year in Louisville, Kentucky. Dave has helped many homeowners avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy by skillfully procuring a short sale for them. The seller has zero out of pocket costs. The foreclosing lender pays all closing costs and commissions on behalf of the seller. Many Realtors in the Louisville area refer and outsource their short sales to Dave, due to his extremely high success rate.


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March 13, 2010 at 12:53 pm

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