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Profile of a Short Sale: “Everything Goes Up Except Wages”

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Sellers are hurting and suffering silently. As a Realtor specializing in short sales I have the privilege of helping sellers attain the debt relief they desperately need.

Some like to put blame on the homeowner who bought more than they afford and lived above their means.

Sorry, that doesn’t fit the profile of the grandmother I am helping now who declared “Everything goes up except wages!”

The manufacturing company she works in  for in Louisville KY had sixteen machines, 30 employees, 3 full shifts. They are now down to 3 machines, 4 employees and unsteady work. The product is now being manufactured by someone else, in China.

She has not gotten a raise in 4 years. She lives in a modest home in the south end of Louisville that she bought in 6 years ago. Values have gone down but she needs to sell. The husband’s income has also been curtailed. 50% of their diminished take home pay goes to pay the mortgage. The children help with the bills when they can.

This hardworking couple is tired of the struggle. Neither have fancy degrees in economics or journalism. They couldn’t write a 100 page thesis on how it’s the homeowner’s fault. They couldn’t go on a financial talk show and vilify borrowers for living above their means.

But they do know how to tell it like it is.

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David Halpern Helps Homeowner Avoid Bankruptcy!

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This homeowner was able to avoid a stressful financial situation!

I just want to thank you so very much for helping me to sell my house.

When I thought my last option was foreclosure, you helped me so much with the quick sell program.  I don’t have any debt left on the house.

I’d thought that I had to go through bankruptcy but somehow you got it sold for me, with no money out of pocket.

I really thank you.

PS – I’d advise anyone to this before you lose your home! Once again, than you!

Written by davehalpern

March 18, 2010 at 10:29 pm