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David Halpern Helps Homeowner Avoid Foreclosure!

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David Halpern negotiates a short sales to help this homeowner avoid foreclosure!

After being faced with losing our home and still owing more than our house was worth, Dave Halpern and his experienced staff gave us options we never knew existed.  “Your New Home Today” kept us from foreclosure and saved us from more than $30,000 in debt.

David Halpern has helped many homeowners avoid foreclosure. Dave can be contacted at (502) 664-7827 or through website www.LouisvilleShortSaleExpert.com. Please call any time – we love to help!


Homeowner Avoids Bankruptcy with Help from David Halpern

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Homeowner avoids bankruptcy by doing a short sale with David Halpern!

I didn’t know where to turn when my husband and I divorced.  I was left with the debt of the house because he filed bankruptcy.  I wanted to save my good credit if possible.  Dave and Hope helped me tremendously.  They were very patient and informative and very understanding.  They kept me posted on everything going on after an offer was made and accepted.  They were always available and answered all my questions.  Hope even helped me with my financials and writing letters to the mortgage companies.  She was great!  I am glad we went the Short Sale route.  I was a little apprehensive at first, but they truly pulled me out of this housing hole.  Kudos to both! Lifesavers!

David Halpern Lifts Load Off a Client’s Shoulder!

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David Halpern Helps a Client with her Financial Burdens!

I Brenda Davis, I am so glad that I met Dave.  He helped me so much.  Sold my home. Helped me when I had no one.  I am fully grateful for Dave.  The mortgage is fully forgiven.  I feel a great load has been lifted off me.  I am so happy this is over and I owe nothing.  Thank you Hope, I think I called her a thousand times and she was so nice and understanding.  Thank you Dave and Hope.

David Halpern Works through Successful Short Sale for Stressed Family!

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David Halpern helps sell home for a family on the verge of drastic measures.

This letter is to let everyone know that David Halpern and his office saved us almost $35,000!  We were so stressed and on the verge of drastic measures when we contacted David.  Although the process was slow, we hung in there and after 9 months finally got a successful short sale thru David Halpern’s office.

Thank you David!

David Halpern Allows Family to Move on with their Lives!

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David Halpern negotiates a short sale allowing a family out of a stressful situation. This gave them the ability to move on with their lives!

Thank God for Your New Home Today Realtors

We were under foreclosure due to a bad mortgage loan we are now safe from Wells Fargo, Litton Loan and are able to move on with out lives due to the intelligence of this company.

Homeowner in Unfortunate Situation Rescued by David Halpern

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David Halpern helps a family with the short sale of their home.

Words can’t express our appreciation for Dave, Hope and Kim.  We were in a tight spot due to some unfortunate circumstances.  Dave’s office was professional, fast and very kind.  This was so fast and easy.  I would highly recommend this company to anyone.  They are awesome! Thank you guys!

Written by davehalpern

March 18, 2010 at 11:19 pm

Family Feels Blessed Thanks To David Halpern

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This family was stressed financially and trying to sell their home. David Halpern was able to help them!

Our experience with Dave, Hope, and Kim has been great.  After hearing of our pending foreclosures, as first time homebuyers we were devastated with the loss of our first home.  Unsure of what to do and where to go to remedy our situation, a friend referred me to a realtor.  After reviewing the situation, the realtor thought it would be in our best interest to contact someone who knew more.  After speaking with Dave, we knew we were in great hands.  He was thorough and sensitive to what we were going through.  His staff, Hope and Kim, were equally as wonderful.  He kept us up to date with any information needed to progress.

Understanding that this has been trying, we feel hat we have been blessed with this option available to us.  We were given the best chance at a new start thanks to Dave, Kim and Hope.